The Rte. 26 Farmhouse provides an authentic setting for our guests to enjoy the many splendors of Whitman County. Our intent is to utilize the space God has given us to bring joy to those we encounter.

We welcome individuals, families, wedding parties, groups, retreats, workshops, learning opportunities and creative experiences - indoors and out.

A Pick-Up & A Pasture

Why and how I started blogging: **I first wrote this post in 2007, but little has changed since then.  I still feel like this captures my life ... so why reinvent the wheel. So keeping that year in mind, I hope you'll enjoy my musing.** There is the Pioneer Woman (love her recipes), the FarmChicks (heading to their show this next weekend), The Ranch Wife (musings from her life) and a few others out there.  I am enjoying that others are sharing their life, putting it out there in 'blog land' for the world to get a peek into the glimpses of their everyday life.  I don't have a tutorial, a how-to, or even a great recipe to share.  What I can share is a day or a moment in my life.  I was thinking that Saturday I should have had my camera with me.  Well I did but lordy I was filthy and wouldn't touch it.  I often hear "you are so lucky that you live on a farm, have cows, horses, and oh my ... a real honest to goodness cowboy *heart be still*".  Not lucky, blessed.  And I don't stay ...

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Created by “Mom”

Connecting to our heritage through reuse and renovation When setting up house at the FarmHouse, I knew there were at least three things to that had to happen:  I had to be able to sit in a chair or on the floor and sit cross legged; There had to be the ‘coming home” feeling; and Repurpose & recycle when able AND splurge when necessary.  Did I mention I was going for Pottery Barn on a Walmart budget?   A Cabinet & A Creator While looking through our attic, I laid eyes on a green tea chest that had been gathering dust for a very long time.  The cool thing about the tea chest is that my Mom bought it when we were stationed in Japan.  It was all the rage at the time for the Navy wives to get tea chests and then have them upholstered.  Thanking my Mom for leaving one undone.  I placed the tea chest in a bedroom (yet unnamed) and knew I’d use it as a bedside table and linen storage.  Knowing that I needed at least a couple more bedside tables, I ...

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WSU Game Night

We had such a great time hosting these lovely ladies for a Coug game! We love our Coug Moms (& Dads) and can't wait to see you at the FarmHouse this season. Check out that beautiful redwood wrap-around deck, perfect for pre-gaming with some local brews and BBQing! ...

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