The Rte. 26 Farmhouse provides an authentic setting for our guests to enjoy the many splendors of Whitman County. Our intent is to utilize the space God has given us to bring joy to those we encounter.

We welcome individuals, families, wedding parties, groups, retreats, workshops, learning opportunities and creative experiences - indoors and out.

The Renovation

BEFORE AFTER The Renovation During the renovation process I would always ask myself:"Would I want to stay in a place like this?""Would my friends be comfortable here and want to come back?""What would turn a good venue into a great venue?""What are things I value when I travel?""How can I add more of those things here?"I carried these questions with me in every detail of the home and I hope that you feel the love, time, and energy we have baked into our little slice of Palouse pie.Spring of 2017, our "family nights" became "renovation nights" and it was often routine to head over to the AirBNB to rip out something, haul off trash, and begin the renovation process.When our grandkids visited in the summer, it became their evening routine to help Grandma Suzy & Grandpa Cowboy at the AirBNB ... which also meant they learned to run an excavator and drive the side-by-side. Did I mention they were then 10 years old?! ...

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